Meet the new Maplestory: IO

The unofficial worldwide Maplestory developer platform,
created by maplers, for maplers.

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The whole Maple World at your fingertips.

Our APIs provide developers the tools to craft innovative and inspiring services aimed to help grow and support the Maplestory community. The best part? We are always up-to-date.

Preview new Cash Shop items and design characters

Analyze monster, boss, and item data

Render maps (including their NPCs)

View ranking information

Listen to Maplestory music

And much more..

We support maplers worldwide.

Whether you're mapling from the United States, South Korea, Europe, or anywhere else, you matter to our team.

We currently support most regions where Maplestory is accessible (GMS, KMS, JMS, CMS, and SEA). Depending on timezones, some regions may experience slight delays in updating.

100,000+ unique visitors a month

400,000,000+ API requests a month

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do you access (and provide) all of this data?
We've developed an automated way of processing, optimizing, and delivering Maplestory assets without extracting each individually.

This allows us to serve real-time rendering APIs for every region, with no hassle on the developer's end.

Q. What can't I do with these APIs?
We ask that you are mindful of Nexon America's Terms of Service, by only using our APIs for non-commercial reasons.

You are not allowed to profit in any way from the assets provided by our APIs, and must provide credit to Nexon where and when appropriate (see our footer for an example).

Q. Where can I report something broken?
Let us know on Discord or send an email to [email protected].


All aforementioned media, icons, descriptions, and character information provided by this service thereof are the sole property of NEXON and therefor applies to their Terms of Service.

This service is provided out of love towards the Maplestory community and with a focus on building positive gaming experiences.